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Is pulsed current better than direct current?

Is pulsed current better than direct current?

Should I choose a Pulsed or Direct current iontophoresis machine? Well, that really depends on the user. The decision to use pulsed current iontophoresis over direct current is normally based on skin compatibility during iontophoresis treatments. If a patient is...

The Benefits of Pulsed Current Iontophoresis

Hidrex are market leaders in Iontophoresis machine research and development. They have adopted a pro active attitude towards enhancing, improving and developing machines and are behind many of the innovations seen in modern machines. Perhaps one of the most important...

Pulsed or Direct Current?

Choosing between a pulsed or direct current machine can be a confusing decision. Ultimately machine selection depends on many factors, such as treatment area, skin type, patient age and any secondary skin conditions such as eczema. General advice is to opt for a...