About Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis Treatments

Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis has been used by doctors since the 1930s. It is a safe, painless and non-invasive process. The technology was created as a method of delivering medicine through skin. This process is called trans-dermal drug delivery.

A side effect of trans-dermal iontophoresis was that patients stopped sweating. Iontophoresis machines were then modified to suit Hyperhidrosis patients. Since the 1940s the process has been improved greatly. Many patients will now enjoy great results using tap water alone. Iontophoresis machines are used as an effective method of controlling excessive sweating. They can also be used with Hyperhidrosis medications such as Glycopyrrolate Bromide.

Both Hidrex and Dr Hoenle are both medical engineering companies based in Germany. They have vast expertise in electro-therapeutic treatments for various conditions.

Iontophoresis is used by healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics and dermatology departments worldwide. IontoCentre supplies the NHS with professional grade machines. These are the same units that you can purchase. Treatments can be done at home unaided.

Iontophoresis is an extremely effective, drug-free method of treatment for excessive sweating. It has been used for treating all types of Hyperhidrosis since the 1930’s.

How Iontophoresis Works

No one knows exactly how iontophoresis treatments work.  Tap water iontophoresis can substantially reduce excessive sweating and in some cases, even eliminate it.  The treatment works within a relatively short period of time without need of drugs or surgical procedures. There are no known serious adverse side effects.

Electrical Antiperspirant?

There are two possible explanations for the success of Iontophoresis. The first and most common agreed on, is that minerals in tap water are transferred into the skin. Once below the surface of the skin, these minerals act in the same manner as antiperspirant, forming a partial plug of pores. This is the easiest option to understand, however there is another line of thought.

It is possible that Iontophoresis temporarily ‘jams’ the electrical signals sent by the central nervous system.  When our brain sends signals down the central nervous system an electrically charged chemical is released. This chemical floods the area around the glands causing them to contract and secrete sweat. It is the constant misfire and chemical flood at the glands that creates excessive sweating. If this chemical is not released then we do not sweat.

How good is Iontophoresis?

In a word, excellent. It is non-invasive. Doesn’t require drugs or medicines. Iontophoresis can be used at home with tap water alone and is proven to stop sweating. Many people ask about success rates. Many websites quote them but with money back guarantees, they are largely irrelevant!

We ran a basic survey of all treatment areas and Iontophoresis has been found to be successful in 99.73% of patients supplied machines by IontoCentre *

Success rates vary for different treatment areas. Treating the hands and feet is the easiest. Therefore it is a more successful treatment area. Other areas of the body experience lower success rates. The main reason for poor results (in any area) is patient apathy. Second is water quality. If you have a high powered feature rich machine you will see results. Iontophoresis is great, but not for everyone.

Lower success rates are often found in hospitals due to the limitations of treatment lengths. Most clinics offer only 6 treatments and for many, this is not adequate enough to ensure results. At home, you can try Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis for 8 weeks to ensure the treatment works for you. If it does not, you can return it.

No prescription is required. All our iontophoresis machines are designed for unassisted home based solo treatments. They are the exact same devices used by professionals in hospitals, clinics and dermatology departments.

Trans-dermal drug delivery

Using iontophoresis as a method of controlling problem sweating was discovered by accident. Traditionally these machines were used to transfer medication into the body. Iontophoresis would enable medications to be taken without needles or the need to take drug orally. A side effect of this trans-dermal drug delivery was that patients stopped sweating. Machines were then developed with this specific need in mind and set up accordingly.

Today, Iontophoresis is used to treat top flight athletes with complex muscle injuries, non-invasive pain relieve and of course to stop sweating in problem areas. IontoCentre supply Premiership football clubs with Hidrex machines and provide training to medical teams in their use.

*Data taken from total units supplied direct from IontoCentre versus those machines returned during the specified dates and includes only professional grade units (Hidrex & Idromed) from January 2010 to January 2011