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Treatment Areas

Which areas to treat with Iontophoresis?


Sweaty hands are often the most visible area affected.

Iontophoresis can be used to control Palmer Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the hands).

Simply perform a series of 20 minute sessions over a couple of weeks. Then enjoy a period of no-sweating, which can last for weeks.


The feet are another area of the body where excessive sweating is often a problem.

Again, iontophoresis is proven to be exceptionally effective in controlling Plantar Hyperhidrosis.

This can also help with secondary skin conditions such as Athletes Foot.


Axillae Hyperhidrosis or Underarm Sweating is a distressing condition which destroys a sufferer’s confidence.

It impacts daily life and limits their wardrobe range. Iontophoresis is used to treat underarm sweating when topical antiperspirants are unable to help.

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