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What’s the difference between the Hidrex ClassicION and Hidrex ConnectION?

What’s the difference between the Hidrex ClassicION and Hidrex ConnectION?

What’s the difference between the Hidrex ClassicION and Hidrex ConnectION?

Hidrex Med are a German medical device manufacturer with many year’s experience in Iontophoresis and medical equipment. In 2019 they overhauled and updated their market leading iontophoresis machines: the Hidrex GS400, Hidrex PS500 and the Hidrex PSP1000.

The GS400 was a direct current only machine. It was very powerful and simple to use but lacked the required features for all patients to be able use to treat excessive sweating in sensitive areas of the body. At the time, Hidrex launched a pulsed current machine under the PS500 model, but quickly realised that patients and the hospitals treating them for their Hyperhidrosis, needed a machine with greater versatility.

At this point, Hidrex developed an Iontophoresis machine that could offer the strength and efficiency of direct current, but also be switchable to a sensitive pulsed current setting. Pulsed current allows those with sensitive skin, complex treatment areas and younger users the option to treat excessive sweating in comfort, The downside to pulsed current treatments was a loss of efficiency – they were only delivering current for 50% of their treatment cycle.

This is where the PSP1000 came in. A world first in Iontophoresis and a Hidrex design right launched in 2010, the Hidrex PSP1000 had a Variable Pulsed Current  (VPC) feature that allowed the user to switch from direct current to pulsed current but at the same time, alter the cycle so that the pulsed current machines could provide an 80% more efficient treatment for Hyperhidrosis. The Hidrex PS500 was discontinued and the PSP1000 was the flagship model until 2019 when further improvements were made.

In 2019, Hidrex invested in their iontophoresis machines to include the following updates:  The Hidrex GS400 was updated and renamed the Hidrex ClassicION. It retained the strong efficient direct current treatment mode but also gained the ability to switch to Standard Pulsed Current (SPC) in addition to direct. At the same time the Hidrex PSP1000 was rebranded to the Hidrex ConnectION. This model has Direct Current, Standard Pulsed Current and Variable Pulsed Current options, giving by far the greatest levels of versatility of any iontophoresis machine on the market. The Hidrex ConnectION also has automatic polarity switching to balance up treatment responses on both sides of the body and an phone based App (currently Android only) that can store your treatments and allow adjustments to be made to the settings.

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