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Hidrex Rental Plans

Iontophoresis machine rental. Rent an Iontophoresis machine to treat excessive sweating. Flexible, low cost, contract free and always the latest equipment.


STEP 1. Choose the Hidrex model you wish to rent. Rent for as long or as little as you want.

Hidrex ClassicION Rental Unit

£20/month + one-off bundle fee

Hidrex ConnectION Rental Unit

£30/month + one-off bundle fee

View Hidrex Iontophoresis Machines and Dermadry Iontophoresis Machines.

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STEP 2. Buy the Hidrex Accessory pack for your treatment area(s). These are yours to keep.
For Hands / Feet:
Electrodes, Grids, Trays
With Underarms
Underarms only

Please note: The rental program is very popular and so often over-subscribed. If there are no rental units available you will not be able to place an order for either a bundle or a rental machine. Please email support (at) to be added to the rental  machine waiting list. As soon as a machine is available, we will email you.

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