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Is treating sweating on tops of feet possible?

Is treating sweating on tops of feet possible?

Sweating on tops of the feet?

If the main area of sweating is the soles then it would be best to treat with relatively low water levels until the soles improve and then use either a wet flannel or wet cotton socks to treat the topsides of the feet.

This is because the thinner skin on the tops of feet are more prone to discomfort and so will need lower powers than what the soles can tolerate and most likely require.

We recommend focusing on one treatment area at a time. So begin with whichever area causes the most distress (normally the hands as most visible). Get them dry them move on to treating the feet.

You can perform simultaneous treatment of hands and feet but as above, the feet will generally require higher power than what the hands can tolerate.

Simultaneous treatments are performed by placing both feet on one tray and both hands on the other.

Best Machines for treating Sweat on Feet

The Hidrex® ConnectION is the new and improved Iontophoresis Machine from Hidrex® MED.

It replaces the popular Hidrex® PSP1000 and is the most advanced machine available.

Read more about this machine here.

It is powerful, versatile and has multiple safety features not found on other machines.

Hidrex® Med Iontophoresis Machines are professional grade devices used extensively in hospitals and clinics worldwide to treat Hyperhidrosis, but are safe and simple to use in the comfort of your own home to treat excessive sweating.

The latest Iontophoresis device from Dr H├Ânle,┬áthe Idromed┬« 5PS a powerful Iontophoresis machine┬ádesigned for effective treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Simple, single dial controls with a clear text LCD display.

One of the best machines on the market especially configured for treating excessive sweating of the hands (Palmar Hyperhidrosis) and feet (Plantar Hyperhidrosis).

Read more about this machine here

We also talk about some other machines that are attractive by the price but very much illegally sold in the UK. Read the article here

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