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Dermadry from Canada

Dermadry from Canada

If you are searching for an iontophoresis machine you will no doubt have spent considerable time researching all the various machines and models available.

Hyperhidrosis is a disabling medical condition that causes a great deal of discomfort and distress to sufferers. For this reason time should be taken to determine the pros and cons of each machine on the market. We welcome this and actively encourage you to look around, ask questions and fully compare models. This way you can ensure that you choose the right iontophoresis machine for your circumstances.

There are however many factors involved in making a decision and cost is just one of them. Quality, safety, legality as well as efficacy and efficiency, support and advice.

There’s a reason Dermadry are so much cheaper

We appreciate that the machines on offer from the Canadian company ‘Dermadry’ are attractively priced, but we need to make you aware of why they are so cheap.

Every medical device placed on the market in the EU must meet strict medical and electrical safety regulations and be CE marked to be legally sold in the UK and EU.

The cost of this certification is substantial and this is reflected in the certified CE marked devices we sell on IontoCentre.

Dermadry is not CE marked

They should not legally be sold in the UK or European Union until they achieve certification. When you import them you are importing a non certified machine that is not legally entitled to be sold in this country.

With international Dermadry orders, you will be liable for taxes, duties and fees at time of importation and risk having the machine refused entry.

Need support for your Dermadry?

Dermadry do not currently have UK or EU based support.

If you need help you will need to call Canada to get a response and their live chat is not based on UK time.  If you wish to make a quick call to clarify something it will need to be in line with Canadian business hours.

What happens when your Dermadry breaks or malfunctions?

When the Dermadry equipment breaks down you will need to ship it back to Canada for repair or replacement.

This costly shipping is time consuming and could potentially leave you without a machine for perhaps 2 or 3 weeks. This will prevent you continuing with your treatment and may undue any results you have achieved. International air freight is expensive and not at all environmentally friendly.

Compare the costs Dermadry VS Hidrex ClassicION

The Hidrex ClassicION for hands and feet is sold with free shipping for £399 delivered.

The Dermadry is £267 with free delivery but this does NOT include import tax, duties and handling fees which range from £85-£100 on top of the purchase price.

This is a price difference of around £32 for a machine that is not legal and has no UK certification and is less feature rich than the Hidrex range.

With IontoCentre

All iontophoresis machines on IontoCentre
have full certification and are legal

When you purchase either an Idromed or an Hidrex machine from IontoCentre you get with every purchase:

The highest quality iontophoresis machines.
Machines with the very best level of specification.
Superior build quality across the ranges.
Fully certified medical devices intended for Hyperhidrosis.
Legal and authorized equipment.
UK support and customer service.
UK dispatch, returns, inspections.
Full range of consumables and accessories.
Free servicing (you just pay shipping costs).

Hidrex Machines

Idromed Machines

As the saying goes… “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”

Thank you for reading.

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