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Discolouration of the electrodes

Discolouration of the electrodes

Noticed discolouration on electrodes?

Discolouration of the electrodes is perfectly normal and typically only a cosmetic issue. This discolouration will occur from first use and affects all metal electrodes.

It will not adversely affect your iontophoresis treatments and is merely calcification caused by the minerals in tap water. It will often only affect one electrode.

Cleaning electrode plates

Continued or prolonged use of electrodes can result in a build up of scale. Over time this scale can build and cause issues with connectivity and iontophoresis machine responses. The electrodes are consumable items, so in time will require replacing. You will be able to ‘lift off’ most of the scale with a periodic 30 minute soak in a water / vinegar solution.

Similar to descaling a kettle although we recommend not using chemical descalers on electrodes. Natural 50/50 vinegar water solution is best

When to replace

If you start getting connection problems you may want to consider replacing electrodes. Connection problems are indicated on Hidrex systems by the Dive light not illuminating. On the Idromed range of Iontophoresis machines, if there is a problem with scale then the screen will not change when you enter the water.

Stainless Steel electrodes tend to weather better and are more resilient to scale but do not use these if you have an allergy to nickel or chromium. Aluminium electrodes are supplied as standard on all iontophoresis machine systems. Upgrade to stainless steel is currently only an option on Hidrex machines and not Idromed devices.

If there is an issue with your iontophoresis machine, we will always be happy to look at your equipment for you free of charge (you would need to pay to ship it), regardless of when you purchased it, so it does not matter that it was two years ago.

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