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Which Iontophoresis machine is best for me?

Which Iontophoresis machine is best for me?

Which Iontophoresis machine is best for me?

The Iontophoresis machines stocked and sold by IontoCentre are professional grade. This means it is perfect for unassisted treatments at home, but also used extensively in hospitals and clinics. Both Hidrex and Idromed iontophoresis machines are used by dermatologists and podiatrists all over Europe. It can be difficult to decide which Iontophoresis machine is best for you so we hope this post helps you.

Each machine has there own features benefits (and restrictions) but in the section below, we will describe the major difference in machines.

Direct Current

The main difference between most makes and models of iontophoresis machines is the current delivery. Some machines are direct current and some are pulsed current. Older and perhaps more basic machines are direct current only. Direct current iontophoresis was until a few years ago, the only treatment option available. This was especially the case on home based treatments. In direct current power is applied to the patient 100% of the treatment time. This is very efficient and will help you achieve great results in a short time. During a 20 minute direct current treatment, you will receive 20 minutes of power (or dosage). This is perfect for Plantar Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the feet, however it can be uncomfortable in other treatment areas.

Our direct current machines are the Hidrex GS400 and the Idromed 5GS

Power is expressed in P numbers. Direct current is Power 100% of the time, so P100. 50% power, as mentioned below is P50.  

Pulsed Current

Advances in technology and design resulted in manufacturers building pulsed current machines. A pulsed current machine is confusingly, still a direct current machine however the power pulses on and off. The body’s pain receptors don’t feel this pulsing current the same as non pulsed current. This basically results in a milder treatment experience. Pulsed current has enabled many more patients to undertake Iontophoresis. It has also greatly helped to expand the scope of treatment areas. You can now successfully treat underarms, groin and facial sweating for example.

Standard pulsed current ‘pulses’ on and off in equal 50% on and 50% off cycles. In this mode, over a 20 minutes treatment the patient actually receives 10 minutes of dosage, because the unit is off the other half of treatment time. This can mean some patients will have to perform more treatments before they see results and a reduction in sweating.

Our Pulsed current machines are the Hidrex PSP1000 and the Idromed 5 PS

Advanced Pulsed Current

The current leading technology in iontophoresis is adjustable pulsed current. This makes the standard P50 pulsed current adjustable in 10% increments. This advancement allows the patient to adjust the cycle to suit their specific needs. It provides an 80% more efficient pulsed current treatment when placed in p90 (90% power on with 10% power off) versus standard P50. Patients how previously could not tolerate direct current, or see results with P50 pulsed current iontophoresis treatments can now use the Hidrex PSP1000 and adjust to their needs.


It is important to note that any of the machines we sell can be used in any treatment area. The key issue is compatibility. For this reason we provide this basic guideline to machine selection.

Feet – either the Hidrex GS400 or Idromed 5GS direct current machines will normally be fine. Exception would be under 12 years old or secondary skin condition.

Hands – either the Hidrex PSP1000 or the Idromed 5PS pulsed current machines

Underarms – either the Hidrex PSP1000 or the Idromed 5PS pulsed current machines

Face, groin, torso – either the Hidrex PSP1000 or the Idromed 5PS pulsed current machines

If you have already undergone iontophoresis treatments are a hospital or clinic using a direct current machine without issue then you will be fine with direct current now. We do recommend pualed current on younger users, sensitive skin types and those with other skin conditions.

The Hidrex PSP1000 is our most popular machine as it is both pulsed and direct and has many other features.

Thank you for reading.

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