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Underarm treatments – Axillae Hyperhidrosis

Underarm treatments – Axillae Hyperhidrosis

Here is a basic treatment plan for underarm treatments. We strongly recommend using a pulsed current machine.

Set the machine into pulsed current. Direct current will be too uncomfortable. You can use the pre-set programmes on the machine if you wish, or you can manually set up the machine. Eother way is simple. If entering your own settings, start in P90 (the strongest pulsed current setting) and if you find this uncomfortable you can always work backwards, reducing the strength of the pulsed cycle (P80, P70 etc.). Success rates are lower for the underarm in comparison to the feet or hands, but this is only due to additional difficulty in applying the electrodes to the skin and transferring the current into the axillae. There is no physiological reason for a reduced response in the underarms and success rates are still very high. You need to preservers and ensure skin is clean, water is warm, sponges are soaked and you run at the maximum comfortable power level you can tolerate.

Start with low power. Ensure skin is completely clean and free from deodorant or antiperspirants. Use warm tap water and soak the pads / sponges fully and try to retain as much wetness as possible. Ensure the metal electrode are fully inserted inside the sponge covers. Set the machine for 8 minutes, power around 8 volts and then position under electrodes under each arm, fully into the recess of the armpit. Once the electrodes are in place, the machine will detect the circuit is closed and automatically begin the treatment. The dive light will be illuminated and build power to the maximum comfortable setting. When this 8 minutes session is up, re-soak the pads and perform another 8 minutes session. It is possible (although not essential) to switch the polarity of the treatment by simply swapping over which armpit is on red and which is on black. Maintain firm pressure under each arm and we suggest daily sessions initially.

It can take several weeks to fully respond, although most will see an improvement in around 7-10 days.

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