Treating Facial Hyperhidrosis with Iontophoresis

HIdrex produce a facial mask applicator that is designed for use with the Hidrex PSP1000 (or older PS500 machines) The mask is made of medical grade cellulose sponge and has leather pockets on each side in which small metal electrode are placed inside. These are the same electrode as used in the axillae applicator (and large area treatment pads).

Set up for facial treatment differs from other treatment areas as the mask is a one piece accessory and so the circuit will be closed as soon as the electrodes are fitted in the pockets. Other treatment areas require you to either place hands or feet in trays or apply pad to underarms for the circuit to close.

So, the first step is to soak the facial mask in warm tap water. While this is soaking, you can set the machine up. You can either use the pre set for Axillae treatments or manually enter the required settings. The pre set will place the machine in P70 pulsed current. This is a good starting value for facial treatments. Bring the power down for the first treatment until you know what is comfortable for you, starting around 5 volts. The time will show 15 minutes. This is fine for now but more about treatment times is below.

Plug the colour coded cables into the machine and the electrodes, leaving the machine switched on. If you are on your own you can insert the electrodes into the mask and then fit the mask or if you have assistance, fit the mask and have someone insert the electrodes into the mask pockets.

As the face mask is a one piece unit, the circuit will be closed from the moment you insert the electrodes so the dive light will illuminate and the machine will begin to deliver 5 volts.

If you try to set the machine up first and have the electrodes in the mask pockets (circuit closed) before you switch the unit on, the unit will not work! This is a safety feature. If the machine senses a closed circuit upon start up it will lock itself out. This ensures that you look at the values set in the machine and can be confident that they are suited for the treatment area you are using the machine on.

The mask should be as wet as possible and fit the face as closely as you can. Laying down will help keep the mask in place and water within the mask. The recommended treatment time is 15 minutes per day but if you find that the mask is drying out you can split treatments into shorter sections such as 5 or 10 minutes which will enable you to re-soak the ask and treat again. Similarly if you find that results are poor you can increase treatment times to 20 or 25 minutes so long as there is no irritation. Your skin will determine how long you can perform sessions.

Once comfortable with the mask in place and machine operating as expected, you can now increase the power to the maximum comfortable level you can tolerate. This will not normally be very high for facial treatments but does vary greatly from patient to patient.

Perform daily session and when results are seen you can switch to maintenance mode and hopefully be in a position where you only need to perform treatments every few weeks.

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