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The Benefits of Pulsed Current Iontophoresis

The Benefits of Pulsed Current Iontophoresis

Hidrex are market leaders in Iontophoresis machine research andĀ development. They have adopted a pro active attitude towards enhancing, improving and developing machines and are behind many of the innovations seen in modern machines.

Perhaps one of the most important develpoments was to design machines with a pulsating current delivery as opposed to a direct current one. In order to acheive success with iontophoresis, patients are required to drive as much current ā€˜or dosageā€™ into the treatment areas as possible. Reaching an adequate power level to ā€˜breakoverā€™ and stop sweating is for most, very difficult when using direct current machines as intolernace to direct current is common ā€“ it is simply to uncomfortable and this limits the success of overall treatment.

Hidrex engineersĀ identified this and set about building pulsed current machines. The bodies pain receptors do not identify the on/off pulsing current resulting in milder treatments even at high power. This ability to operate iontophoresis machines at high power ultimately provides;

  • Better results,
  • Much improved patient comfort,
  • Faster treatment times
  • Increase or longer maintenance gaps (dry periods between treatments)
  • Greater range of treatable areas, such as face, torso, underarms etc.

The original Hidrex PS500 pulsed current machine was available a considerable time before other manufacturers decided to offer pulsed current machines. Hidrex have sinceĀ further developed and enhanced thier machines with the new advanced Hidrex PSP1000.

The PSP1000 is switchable between pulsed and direct current which offers greater versatility in treatments but in addition to that, it has the ability to alter the pulse current cycle so where standard pulsed current is set to a 50% on 50% off ratio, the PSP100 can be adjusted in 10% increments to maximise efficiency. Placing the device in P90 (90% on 10% off)Ā Ā is an 80% more effective treatment than standard pulsed current iontophoresis machines.

Hidrex also innovate on safety. Their systems have ASEĀ© which permits safe entry and exist into water baths without the risk of the unpleasant static shock that users of other iontophoresis machines will know all too well. Hidrex machines also have built in Over Treatment Protection that wll prevent a patient over drying their skin. It monitors for acceptable resistance levels when the circuit is closed which is a key indicator of skin condition and readiness for treatment.

The power, enhanced features and programs, high build quality and robust engineering of the Hidrex PSP1000 make it the iontophoresis machine of choice. The success rates of this device are exceptionally high, +/- 98%.

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