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Pulsed or Direct Current?

Pulsed or Direct Current?

Choosing between a pulsed or direct current machine can be a confusing decision. Ultimately machine selection depends on many factors, such as treatment area, skin type, patient age and any secondary skin conditions such as eczema.

General advice is to opt for a flexible device such as the Hidrex PSP1000 as this iontophoresis machine is both direct and pulsed current which means that you can place the machine in the optimum setting for your skin type and treatment area.

Direct current treatments are normally fine when treating the feet, but if you need to treat other areas such as hands, underarms, face, neck or torso you will require pulsed current and we would certainly recommend one. Pulsed current gives a far milder treatment.

Direct current can be uncomfortable but it is actualy a more efficient treatment as voltage is delivered to the patient 100% of the treatment time without pause, so over a 15 minute session you receive 100% of the possible dosage. Pulsed currents are sent to the patient in a pulsating (on/off) pattern which the bodies pain receptors do not identify, resulting in a milder sensation during treatment.

Standard pulsed current machines are set to a 50% on / 50% off pulsating pattern, so over the 15 minutes you actually only encounter 7.5 minutes of dosage. This may (but not always) mean that a slightly longer treatment course will be required. Even so, if you cannot tolerate direct current, this is better than zero dosage.

The Hidrex PSP1000 has a unique feature where you can adjust and alter the on /off ratios of the pulsating current. You can select standard pulsed (50/50) current or increase the ratios in 10% increments, so for example 60% on / 40% off, 70% on / 30% off, etc all the way up to 90% on / 10% off which is 80% more efficient that standard pulsed machines. This means that pulsed current can be used with greater effect, even on the feet.

Hidrex GS400 = Direct current only | Hidrex PSP1000 = Pulsed & Direct Current

Idromed 5 GS = Direct current only | Idromed 5 PS = Pulsed current only.

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