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Idromed® 5PS Underarms Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine – Pay in Instalments

Solve excessive sweating with the latest Iontophoresis device from Dr Hönle

✓ Professional grade Iontophoresis Machine
✓ High power for faster results
✓ Pulsed Current for sensitive treatment areas
✓ Static Shock protection
✓ Built-in timer
✓ Simple one-touch operation

What’s Included

£65.00 initial, then £100.00 / month for 5 months

Total payable: £565 (full RRP price)

Out of stock

Controller (colour may vary)

IontoCentre for Hyperhidrosis Online Shop

Sponges & Electrodes (pair)

IontoCentre for Hyperhidrosis Online Shop


IontoCentre for Hyperhidrosis Online Shop

Power Pack

IontoCentre for Hyperhidrosis Online Shop

Carrier Case

Instructions Manual for Iontophoresis

Instruction Manual

Idromed® 5PS for Underarms only

The latest Iontophoresis device from Dr Hönle, the Idromed® 5PS, a powerful Iontophoresis machine designed for effective treatment in the comfort of your own home. Simple, single dial controls with a clear text LCD display. One of the best machines on the market especially configured for treating excessive sweating of the hands (Palmar Hyperhidrosis), feet (Plantar Hyperhidrosis) and underarms (Axillary Hyperhidrosis).

In scientific studies, Pulsed Current, such as the one provided by the Idromed® 5PS, is rated as the optimum therapy method, especially for treating very sensitive skin and younger users. During treatment, the Pulsed Current is almost non-perceptible, greatly reducing possible side effects, such as skin irritation.

  • Idromed® 5PS Control Panel (colour may vary)
  • DC 100-240v UK Power Pack – Works Worldwide (relevant adaptor included)
  • Electrode Cables (pair)
  • Small Metal Electrodes (pair)
  • Underarm Sponges (pair)
  • Carry Case
  • Instructions for use

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How long do machines last?

Machines will last a lifetime of use. You will only need to replace consumables when required. For example, the electrodes may require replacing every few years.

How long does the support from Iontocentre last for?

We are happy to support patients with their Hidrex or Idromed machines ongoing. If you have a general question, even about other brands – were happy to try and help!

How much is shipping cost?

Shipping is free for all machines to UK addresses. We offer competitive shipping rates for European & International locations.

Is ConnectION better than the ClassicION?

The Hidrex ConnectION is certainly more advanced and has more features but these are not always needed. Please contact us for advice if unsure.

How long on average does a treatment take?

Daily sessions of 15 minutes are required for 1-4 weeks, depending on severity. After this, most people enjoy several weeks of dryness before a single top us session is required in order to retain results.
Individual results will vary depending on age, skin tolerance, severity and location of condition, water quality and the patients’ willingness to perform treatments.

Can I treat both hands & feet at the same time?

Yes, simultaneous treatments are possible however they are not always recommended. Skin on the feet is thicker and so generally requires power higher than the hands. This can limit the feet to what power level your hands can tolerate, affecting results.

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