Hidrex® PSP1000 Advanced Pulsed and Direct Current Iontophoresis Machine for Hands, Feet & Underarms


Or pay in instalments for £100/pm for 5 months with £119 initial payment

✓ Professional grade Iontophoresis Machine
✓ Used in NHS Hospitals
✓ High power for faster results
✓ Advanced Pulsed and Direct Current settings
✓ Static Shock protection and immersion monitoring
✓ Built-in timer and protection from over treatment





The Hidrex® PSP1000 is the most advanced machine available
& one of the Best-Selling Iontophoresis Machines in Europe.

It is powerful, versatile and has multiple safety features not found on some machines.
Hidrex® Med Iontophoresis Machines are professional grade devices used extensively in hospitals and clinics worldwide
to treat Hyperhidrosis,
but are safe and simple to use in the comfort of your own home to treat excessive sweating.


HIDREX® PSP1000 for Hands, Feet & Underarms

This machine offers both a pulsed and direct current setting. Direct Current applies power to the patient 100% of the time and therefore gives the strongest effect, however some users may find this uncomfortable to tolerate on more sensitive skin areas, Direct Current is most suited to the treatment of the feet. Switching the unit to Pulsed Current will provide a much milder treatment experience and this allows the user to increase power to a level not normally possible when using Direct Current on more sensitive areas.

Unique Feature

A unique feature of this Iontophoresis Machine is the ability to alter the Pulsed Current ratios. Variable Pulsed Current can be described as a mixture of Direct Current and Pulsed Current, it combines the best of both. Other Iontophoresis Machines do not have this ability – it is a HIDREX® patent. Standard Pulsed Current Machines can only deliver pulsed current in equal on/off ratios, so 50% on 50% off. For example, in this ratio, during a 20 minute treatment the user only receives 10 minutes of dosage. The Hidrex® PSP1000 can be adjusted to extend the ‘on’ ratio compared to the ‘off’ ratio, for example 90% on 10% off, which gives an incredibly more efficient pulsed current treatment. A 20 minute treatment in ‘P90’ gives the user 18 minutes of dosage which is close to Direct Current efficiency and is a major breakthrough in treatment.

This ability to adjust the pulse range increases effectiveness, compared to other pulsed current machines, and comfort compared to Direct Current treatment. Variable Pulsed Current is the most effective form of current and allows optimal consideration of individual needs and sensitivities of the user. For the treatment of younger users or patients with sensitive or secondary skin conditions such as eczema, treating in Variable Pulsed Current is the best choice.


  • Hidrex® PSP1000 Control Panel
  • DC 100-240v UK Power Pack – Works Worldwide (relevant adaptor included)
  • Aluminium Electrode Plates (pair)
  • Treatment Towels (pair)
  • Electrode Cables (pair)
  • Underarm Sponge & Electrode Set
  • Carry Case (doubles as treatment trays for hands & feet)
  • Instructions for use
  • FREE Standard Treatment Trays

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