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Iontophoresis Treatments – Troubleshooting

Iontophoresis Treatments – Troubleshooting

Hidrex Iontophoresis Machines – ConnectION and ClassicION

Please read the instructions provided with your order. If you have any questions regarding them, please read below or contact us – we’d be happy to help and advise on your iontophoresis treatments.

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Multiple Safety Systems and Protective Circuits

Hidrex iontophoresis machines are fitted with multiple protective circuits and safety systems designed to automatically protect the patient and optimise results and ensure and end to excessive sweating.

Immersion Monitoring.
This is a constant active monitor. The unit provides a nominal voltage that detects when the patient enters the water trays (for hands and or feet) or attaches the wet underarm or other electrodes to the body. The machine will not deliver any power unless this system is active. This means that the device will not begin delivering power until the patient is connected correctly. Once you have connected electrodes, entered the water or applied the sponges, the machine will automatically begin to power up to the power level you have selected.

Over-Treatment-Protection (OTP)
Once you have the machine set up correctly and enter the water, treatment should begin automatically and count down the 15 minute timer. However,if you have set the voltage too high for the level of resistance* in the circuit, the machine will prevent the therapy from starting. The power side will remain flashing and treatment will not start. You will see the time (15) and ‘ot’ on the power side indicating Over Treatment is active. Remove hands/feet from water or remove electrode from underarms / body and lower the voltage and try again.

*Your body acts as a resistor. If the condition of your dermis is not compatible with high power the machine will not begin therapy. For example, your dermis may be very wet and this will offer very little resistance for the current to flow against. The machine would therefore have to output higher voltages to maintain the current and this could result in burns (more about this below). If the dermis is too dry, possibly an indication of over treatment, then resistance will be too high and this will create issues closing the circuit and getting the current to flow.

If during the treatment, the system monitoring detects increases in current values, the display will alternate between showing the voltage and ‘ot’. This is not an issue, you may continue safely and the machine will automatically adjust to provide treatments. Voltage may fluctuate as the machine regulates the current.

If the resistance remains above the upper limits the machine will stop the treatment and you see ‘StoP’ on screen. The machine in its current settings is locked out. To remedy you must restart the machine at a lower power and then continue. If you cannot get the machine to re-start, wait 48 hrs and try again. This will allow moisture and resistance levels in the dermis to normalise for continued iontophoresis therapy.

Dose Limitation

For your safety, the Hidrex Tap Water Iontophoresis (TWI) machines permanently monitor maximum permitted treatment parameters. This may result in the dose (or power / voltage) you have set into the machine not being reached during treatments.

Example: Some patients try to start with 50v on power but the machine knows this is not suited to their skin so will operate at the maximum power level it can safely provide.

This is not an issue – treatments will continue at the maximum permissible level until resistance changes. You will still respond and sweating will be controlled. The Hidrex machine is adjusting the power to suit your needs.

Dose Limitation merely protects you from burning and has no negative effect on success

If the Dose Limitation system is active , the display will show ‘CL’ The machine remembers the power level you have set in the background and will try to reach that set level and regular intervals. You may see some changes on screen as the machine regulates and adjusts power while trying to reach your set levels. Continue with the treatment.

As skin dries, Resistance will increase and you will be able to reach those higher set power (should you need to) many patients respond at quite low power levels.

The lower the pulse setting, the more sensitive the protective circuits will be and it is more likely you will see one of the limitation systems active. If you switch to n90 or n100 then there is a greater ragne for you to operate at and you are less likely to see issues.

Preset 3 Limitations.

Preset 3 for underarms may encounter more active systems as the parameters are set with limited scope to protect potentially sensitive skin. If you encounter issue in this pre-set, please switch to another or use in manual mode. You will then be able to operate at the wider level of parameter while still being protected by the main systems.

If you encounter issues, the action required it to stop, switch machine off and re-start the therapy at lower powers or higher pulsed settings (s take machine out of n50/60 or 70 and place into n90 or n100) to clear limits.

Common Issues

“Treatment will not begin.”
1. Check all cables are fully inserted and machine is powered on.
2. Ensure adequate water levels and that any sponges are soaking wet.
3. Reset machine with higher pulse width and or lower powers

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