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Iontophoresis Profile Changes

Iontophoresis Profile Changes

User Profiles on the Hidrex ConnectION

The below images show the three different profiles settings that can be selected on the Hidrex ConnectION iontophoresis machine.

The Hidrex ConnectION is sent out with some basic stores treatment parameters but you can overwrite these and store your own.

Changing the profiles

If you press and hold the (arrow up) Profile button on the control panel for a few seconds the display will show you which profile is in use. This is confirmed by the LED on the left side of the control panel.

If you press the button again, the machine will scroll through the profile until all the LED lights are off. This is manual mode and will be shown a P0 on the screen. Manual mode starts with 15 minutes on the timer and 4 volts in direct current. This is a very low power setting and should be increased to the maximum comfortable power setting.

Make your selection then leave the control panel alone for a few seconds and the machine will enter your preferred settings and be ready for treatment.

The chart above is intended as a stating reference point for various different treatment areas for both adults and children.

The fact is that each patient will have unique responses to iontophoresis treatment. You should always remain within comfortable levels but operate at the maximum comfortable power level for the full 15 minute session.

Tolerance to current is patient specific and will vary greatly from patient to patient.

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