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Immersion Monitoring – Static Shock Protection

Immersion Monitoring – Static Shock Protection

Hidrex iontohoresis machines safety system

Hidrex iontohoresis machines feature a unique immersion monitoring system called ASE®. This system automatically recognises when the circuit is closed.

The circuit closes automatically when you place your hands or feet in to the treatment trays. It will also close the circuit when you place any accessories on the body.

Once you close the circuit the ‘dive’ light will illuminate on the control panel and treatment will automatically begin.

Skin Resistance Check

Prior to the iontophoresis treatment begining, the Hidrex machine performs a skin resistance test that ensures that your skin is in a suitable condition. If it is not, then machine will lock out temporarily. This system is basically in place to prevent over treatment which reduces the chance of burning skin.

The lock out safety feature is autmatic and cannot be over ruled. It’s unlikely you will ecounter lock out but if you do then stopping treatments for a week will allow moisture in the dermis to return within safe levels.

Stopping treatments mid-cycle

If for whatever reason you need to break the treatment cycle, you can. The Hidrex’s ASE® ‘Anti Static Electronic’ system senses the break in the circuit.

It automatically pauses treatment and dissipates the current. The prevents you getting the uncomfortable (yet harmless) static shock that you will get with other iontophoresis models on the market.

There are other makes of machines are renowned for this issue and require assistance from another person to make a simple voltage change.

Resuming your iontophoresis session

When you return to the treatment and close the circuit again the unit will resume treatment from the point at which you paused.

This ensures that you do not exceed your dosage and treatment times. So if you left the trays 8 minutes in to a 20 minutes session, the Hidrex iontophoresis machine will simply resume at the 12 minute mark.

It will also resume at the same voltage you were previously operating at.

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