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Daily treatment times and multiple areas

Daily treatment times and multiple areas

Can you perform multiple iontophoresis treatments?

We are often asked by our customers if they can treat more than one problem area at a time.

The answer is both yes and no!

Yes because you can perform simultaneous treatments (where you treat both hands and both feet at the same time) and no because we recommend you concentrate on one area at a time.

There are limits on how long you can perform treatments. The reason for this is that the feet, has thicker skin and often requires higher power levels than what would be suitable for the hands.

For this reason, simultaneous treatments will limit the feet to what the hands can comfortably tolerate.

Recommended treatment times

Both Hidrex and Idromed machines can be used daily to help control excessive sweating. Daily use will offer results in a relatively short time period.

The minimum recommended treatment time for iontophoresis is 15 minutes but if you increase this to 20 results can be encountered sooner. If treating in pulsed current you can actually increase treatment time to 22 minutes compensate for the lower dosage rates of pulsed current therapy.

If you have undergone treatment previously in a hospital or dermatology clinic you may have been told that you should perform treatments on day 1, day 3, day 5, etc. This is not relevant to results. The reason for staggered days is to fit in around clinic time and visiting a hospital daily would be difficult.

Power levels for comfort

Treatments should only ever be performed at the maximum comfortable power level. If you increase the power and there is discomfort you should drop the power back.

Running the machines at too high power in order to speed up the sweat reduction is actually counter productive.

High power risks blistering the skin which will then prevent further treatment until skin has healed.

The current will take the path of least resistance. If you have cut, broken or blistered skin, this will offer the least resistance. Current will then focus on that area and cause further issues. Therefor it is vital that you limit power to remain in comfort.

Managing treatments in multiple areas

You must also only perform one session per day.  Do not treat the hands for 20 minutes and them move on to the feet for 20 minutes.

The preferred method of treating multiple areas is to focus on one area, get dry and into maintenance and then move on to the second area. So if for example you are treating hands first, then perform session daily until dry then pause and perform a top up session or two once skin starts to get clammy.

During this dry period you can then move onto treating the feet in a similar way until both areas are dry.

Simultaneous treatments

If you wish to treat both hands and feet simultaneously then pace both hands in one tray and both feet in the other.

Perform 1 x 20 minute session each day until dry, then monitor skin for signs of sweating / clamminess. At this point perform a top up treatment or two.

Thank you for reading.

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