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Back / Torso sweating applicators

Back / Torso sweating applicators

This post is in reference to the Large Area Treatment pads used to treat compensatory sweating on the chest / back.

The ‘typical’ way of using the body pads is front and back over the shoulders, so one pad is against your chest the other on the back. This method allows for unaided use and you would simply alter positions to suit ensure coverage across your entire back or area of sweating, as the treatment progresses (in position one on day one, position two day two and so on, working round the full area that needs treatment). Alter the Velcro webbing to reach required areas or take off shoulders and wrap around the torso.

This sounds a lot trickier than it actually is! There are other ways, including…

You can ignore the Velcro and use a cotton bath towel wrapped around your torso to hold the treatment pads in place. This method will enable you to place both pads on the back but you will most likely need assistance to position pads correctly. The pads will need to be kept separate by 10cm to avoid shortening of the circuit.

Start with low power and slowly build to comfortable levels. You will need the machine set to pulsed current. Start with P90, the strongest pulsed current setting on the PSP1000.

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