Performing Dual Iontophoresis Treatments

The base system for hands and feet contain one pair of large electrodes that can be used for the hands and / or the feet. This enables treatment of the hands and feet independently but this will also permit simultaneous treatments of the hands and feet. There is also a Duo Treatment pack designed to make simultaneous sessions easier. The Duo pack contains extra electrodes, treatment trays, towels, cables and Y cables.

It is not essential to have the Duo Pack as you can simply place one large electrode in one tray with both hands inside and then the other large electrode in the other tray and both feet in the other tray. This basically does the same thing, however, we do not actually recommend dual treatments.

This is because the hands and feet differ greatly in what is required in order to see results. The feet (generally) require Direct Current with (approximate) voltage ranges of 25v – 40v power levels. The hands by contrast generally require milder Pulsed Current treatments with a lower voltage range of approximately 15v – 30v as the hands, again generally, can only tolerate low powers in direct current. If you perform dual treatments you will limit the dosage applied to the feet to what the hands can tolerate. It is therefore better to treat each area as separate and perhaps perform dual treatment for maintenance sessions.

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