Machine selection

Machine selection depends on many factors but our advice would be to opt for professional grade pulsed current if it is within your budget.

Pulsed current offers a milder treatment than direct and areas such as the underarms and hands can be intolerant to direct current at high powers which can impact on the response to treatment.

Essentially you can select any of the professional grade machines we supply, but the Hidrex PSP1000 would be the better suited model for most as it is switchable from pulsed to direct current. This way you can use direct current on the feet and then switch to pulsed for the other areas., sensitive skin types, younger users etc.

Our videos should be updated to clarify: direct current is more efficient (not effective) in terms of treatment times versus dosage, but this is irrelevant if the patient cannot tolerate the voltage in the first place.

All our professional machines have an eight week guarantee so this removes the risk from your purchase should you be unlucky enough to not see a positive response to the treatment using this machine.

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